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Marketing Strategies

The Consumer Jungle has moved Online! Don’t get left behind.  Break into today’s Consumer Jungle with dedicated strategies and services.


Business Websites

Enhance your online presence with a Responsive Business website including shopping carts, directories and other specific business themes.


Online Advertising

Online Advertising provides the best return for your Advertising Spend. Pay just on results with our performance-based merchant programme.


Content Marketing

Engage customers with your content including videos, articles & press releases and make your site more attractive to search engines.


Social Media

Entice customers to your sales channels with social media. Take advantage of DL Group Media’s extensive social media network.


Links & Optimisation

Promote your website and get more traffic with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Back Links & Media Buying.

Cost-Effective Performance Advertising

Advertising Remains One of the Best Ways to Grow a Business

DL Media Publishes Adverts on the Internet

Advertising remains one of the best ways for a Business to grow and increase profits

Pay for just the Converted Business and NOT for the Advertising!

Internet Advertising is not like traditional Advertising.

Internet Advertising is very accessible for Businesses and is very effective at reaching potential customers as it is:

Quick, Easy, Efficient and Affordable.

That’s why it is gaining more and more ground amongst the Business Community.

  • DL Media is an extensive Publisher of Ads across its internet network.
  • Pay only for the results and not the Advert.
  • Internet Advertising reduces customer acquisition costs with the best returns on advertising spend.

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Increase Your ROI with Digital Advertising

With Performance Advertising, the Increase in Returns will always be Higher than any Increase in Costs


How It All Works

The Targetted Approach to Digital Marketing

In simple terms, internet marketing (or digital marketing) covers all of your online channels. This includes your website and your social media profiles. It also covers search engine optimisation (SEO), digital advertising, emails, landing pages, blogs, videos and more.

One of the least understood areas of digital marketing is digital advertising. Today, digital advertising represents a bigger share of the advertising market than any of the traditional forms of advertising including newspapers, TV & Radio and Billboards.

DL Group Media, as an online publisher, specialising in providing opportunities for businesses to advertise on a performance basis only where payment is made on results and not per column inch.

If your sales campaign is a little stale or it is not providing the results that you require, or if you are looking to use online marketing for the first time try our free consultation (see below).



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