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Combined Bomber Offensive

Battle of Imphal & Kohima

D-Day & Battle of Normandy

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The Man who won the Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain was one of the most iconic and crucial battles of the war.  Find out how an out-gunned, out-manned and out-manoeuvred RAF managed to defeat the Luftwaffe.  Also learn about the intrigue and infighting taking place at the top of the RAF which is why today the man who commanded the RAF in the battle has become a forgotten hero.

The Battles at El Alamein

Everybody thinks of General Montgomery’s victory but that was the last of three consecutive battles fought at El Alamein where the British Army, supported by Commonwealth troops, halted Rommel, blunted his attack and finally defeated him.  This ended two years of indecisive warfare in the Western Desert and laid the foundations for the British strategy, supported by the Americans, that eventual defeated Hitler.

Politics and Propaganda with British Pirate Radio

Avid fans listening to Britain’s Pirate Radio Stations would have been unaware that these supposedly free enterprise organisations were entwined with Cold War political intrigue.  While stations, like Radio London, revolutionised broadcasting in the UK, behind the scenes lay the murky manipulative world of politicians and secret services with their diverse agendas.

Vera Lynn – Why She was the Forces’ Sweetheart

Vera Lynn’s enduring legacy is the songs that she sung during the Second World War but she was much more important to the war effort that just a singer. Find out how she became known as the Forces’ Sweetheart and why her songs & her recordings, together with her radio show called Sincerely Yours, became the most popular for that generation.

Nick Llewellyn is also the author and compiler of all the questions and articles on the website Best Pub Quiz Questions.

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